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Crafting Your Ideal Reader Magnet Mini-Challenge!

Last week marked the beginning of an exciting journey for authors eager to connect with their audience on a deeper, more authentic, level. Our Reader Magnet Method mini-challenges, specifically designed for authors ready to take decisive action in growing their email list, was a resounding success.

It really felt wonderful to share with authors the first steps of our Reader Magnet Method, and I can't wait to help more authors as we grow the community, grow the program and spread the word with more writers!

Mini-Challenge Update

We delved into the art of crafting reader magnets that resonate authentically with your ideal readers, turning casual followers into loyal readers. For those who missed the live sessions or simply want to relive the experience, we've got great news – the replays of ‘Crafting Your Ideal Reader Magnet' are currently available to all registered members – free! It's not too late to join and start harnessing the full potential of your reader newsletter. Let's take a look back at the highlights and pave the way for the exciting upcoming challenges.

Everyone started off with a welcome message and a bonus resource ‘Reader Magnet Ideas for Authors' guide. Each day (Friday, Saturday & Sunday), we shared a daily workbook to complement each daily live session, which will be available in the pop-up group for a limited time. Make sure to get yours now before they are no longer available!

  • Understanding Reader Magnets
    (includes 14-page workbook & 63 minutes training video)
  • Understanding Your Ideal Reader
    (includes 12-page workbook & 33 minutes training video)
  • Author Branding
    (includes 11-page workbook & 66 minutes training video)

The following additional bonus resources really helped authors to get to grips with the learning material, taking reader magnet creation to the next level:

  • Reader Magnet Ideas for Authors guide
  • Brand Development Kit
  • Reader Magnet Cover Templates

All daily sessions were live streamed into our pop-up Facebook group, where members introduced themselves in our friendly community, where anyone could clarify any part of the learning material as needed! Our Audience Accelerator Network members will be able to access the training material and training replays as a part of their growing member benefits!

Learning Outcomes for Crafting Your Ideal Reader Magnet

  • Create your Ideal Reader Persona
  • Create your Author Brand Board
  • Create your own Reader Magnet

What's Inside the Reader Magnet Method?

All our Reader Magnet Method mini-challenges include livestream calls, workshop training workbooks and digital resources to move you from an email list newbie to confidently managing a growing email audience of your ideal readers using reader magnets.

Our full learning program and dates as as follows, so make sure to register for your spot now:
3rd-5th November – Crafting Your Ideal Reader Magnet
10th-12th November – Building Your Reader Magnet Landing Page & Email Sequence
17th-19th November – Growing Your Email List Using Your Ideal Reader Magnet
24th-26th November – Developing an ARC Team of Your Ideal Readers
1st-3rd December – Engaging Your Ideal Readers Using Author Newsletters

Register For the Next Mini-Challenge!

Building Your Reader Magnet Landing Page and Email Sequence, register here:

For all those now registered, make sure to check your email inbox to access the pop-up Facebook group, the training videos, the workbooks, and bonus resources supporting you in moving from newsletter newbie to confidently managing your growing email list! Successfully completing the mini-challenges only happens when you empower yourself and take action!

Best of luck in the next session!


by Xenia B

Xenia specialises in digital marketing support for writers with 1-1 coaching, courses, resources and memberships to boost their reader audience, engage their ideal readers and sell more books.

November 9, 2023

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